What is RTK

RTK is an acronym that stands for Real Time Kinematic which probably doesn’t explain anything. It’s a precision satellite positioning technique which utilizes a base station to transmit position corrections to a rover. This allows for centimetre level position accuracy.

What is RTK – explained for farming

The RTK kit consist of three systems:

  1. Base station receiver with GPS antenna. This must be stationary while in operation. It can be mounted in a permanent location, or it can be put on a tripod and brought out to distant fields.
  2. Rover receiver with GPS antenna. This is the component installed on your tractor.
  3. Radio link to connect them. The base station sends corrections to the rover, and enables excellent precision. A single base station can support almost unlimited rovers at a time.

The corrections happen in the background, and a result, you get excellent accuracy (sub centimetre) on the rover (tractor). I sell RTK kits for cheap!

RTK explained - What is RTK?

Top RTK benefits in agriculture

  1. Saving fuel and machine wear.
  2. Repeatable precision year to year with no signal drift.
  3. Minimal overlaps, saving fertilizer and other materials.
  4. Removing the accuracy of GPS signal from all consideration – never worry about it again!
  5. If you set up your own base station with the systems I offer, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee, so the additional cost is only a one time expense.

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Cheap RTK is possible!

It’s outright criminal that dealers still charge tens of thousands for an farming RTK guidance system in this day and age. There’s simply no reason they do it except for the fact that can get away with it. The technology is mature, and very accessible. Please read my page on this subject, just check out some of the RTK guidance packages I offer.

Why are my agriculture GPS systems a good choice?

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