Tree planting GPS with RTK support & more

Tree planting GPS can be used for apple or any fruit tree planting, Christmas tree spacing, and any other applications. Precision agriculture in tree plating can increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve yields! For planting, I recommend using one of my RTK packages with sub inch accuracy. The same agriculture GPS guidance system can also be used for spraying, fertilizing, and many other applications! All of my systems run without any subscriptions, and have other functionality such as field management, and more. Please contact me with any questions.

AGGPS Tree Planting RTK Packages sub-inch accurate

  • $2050 to 2275 Ultimate RTK sub inch precision without subscription and further upgrades. *Popular* 
  • $2525 to 2800 Ultimate+ RTK additional upgrades and options for higher performance.
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  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS, ever, even for RTK.

How to use the tree planting GPS software

This is the initial starting page. Read on below to access the tree planting GPS settings.

Tree planting GPS planning panel

Tree planting GPS - tree planner settings

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How to get here?

  • You must create a field.
  • You must create a boundary for your field.
  • Optional.  You want to create any ABLines that you know you want to plant trees on. You can plan your ABLine from your trees later, but if you know your ABLine it is time to set it.
  • Press the Tree Button on the main screen.

What does it do?

  • Allow you to plan where to position the trees.
  • Saves a file of trees.

What is on the screen?

  • (19) The field is shown, either in yellow or a purple.  (Yellow: tractor is in bounds, Purple: out of bounds.)
  • (1) Green dot: this is where the origin of where the trees will be laid out.
  • (18) Yellow dot: This is the current location of the tractor.
  • The trees:  Shown after they are created.

What do the buttons do?

  • (2) Settings:  Display settings, slow speed, AB distance override.
  • (3) Switch ABLines:  Cycles through all the ABLines.
  • (4) Delete ABLine:  Deletes Current Highlighted Line.  This is permanent an cannot be undone.  Any lines accidentally deleted, must be re-created.
  • (5) Auto Plant?:  Cycle this button on and off will set the Origin in the center of the field.  If on, all trees will be set from origin.
  • (6) Sets Origin to ABLine A point and then sets the angle (13) to the heading.
  • (7) Offset: This check box turns on and off the Offsets (14).  If this is checked, it will add trees at the offset distance.  If these are set to zero, it will plant double the number of trees expected.  Note: X and Y are relative to the angle in number (13).
  • (8) A:  This button allows the user to click a spot on the field.  It will move the green dot to that location.  If later the selections are not working correctly, go back and turn this off.
  • (9) +:  Click this button on, and it will plant individual trees.
  • (10) Apply:  This button applies the setting shown on the screen and builds the orchard from the green dot.  Spacing per (12), Rotation per (13), Offset if selected per (14), Grid (15) if AutoPlant (5) is turned off.
  • (11) Reset: Deletes all Trees. This is permanent and cannot be reversed. Great for layout, but there should be a lock button created.
  • (12) Spacing:  This is the layout spacing in centimetres. This is relative to the rotation angle (13).  For those of use that use feet and yards, remember that 100 is just over a yard.  Current maximum is 5000 cm or 50 meters ≈ 50 yards.
  • (13) °CCW:  This is the rotation in the counter clockwise direction from the positive X axis.  East 0, North 90, West 180, South 270.  This is not bearing or heading.  This is measured in degrees.
  • (14)  Offsets:  These are the X and Y offsets of the secondary grid line.  These are only active if the Offset? Button is checked (7).  Primary grid is set with (12).  Every tree that is set with the primary has a secondary tree set at this offset from the primary.  Again, this is relative to the angle in (13).  If set to zero, and offset (7) is on, it will plant double trees.
  • (15) Grid:  These are only active is AutoPlant (5) is turned off.  They will show some estimated columns and rows, but do not count on the estimates being correct. These are also relative to the angle.  If there are more than fit in the boundary, it will only plant the ones in the boundary.  It plants from the green dot. It will not fill the field, unless that is the direction they are planted.
  • (16)  The tree button:  This button does little more than reset the values to the current hard settings.  Most of the time it will do nothing.  It is just a button to press for those that like to press buttons.
  • (17) Check:  This closes the screen.

After trees are drawn, right click on any tree to bring up the tree property panel. This tree can be deleted with the delete button (lower left.) Deleting the tree is final. 


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Tree planting GPS settings panel

How to get here?

  • Create Field.
  • Create Boundary.
  • Click the Tree Button.
  • Click the Settings Button (2).

What does it do?

  • Applies settings to the visuals and drive functions.

What do the buttons do?

  • (20) Size:  Sets the display size of the Tree.  Center is about the size of the tool width.  Right is larger, Left is smaller.
  • (21) Click Radius:  This sets the distance from the center of the tree that the #2 section turns on and off.  This is not adjusted to the speed as of yet and if driving too fast, it will be off.  This is left and right as well.  If you do not get close enough to the tree right and left, it will not trigger.  Remember, this is a circle and the further right or left you get from the center, the less time in the tree circle.  This is not saved and will default to 25 if the program is shut down and re-started.
  • (22)  Min Speed.   This is the minimum speed the software will update the GPS location.  Default from AOG is 0.6.  This must be set each time the program is ran.  It will default back to 0.6 each time.
  • (23)  Slow Speed Filter:  This check button turns on a filter.  Any GPS signal that comes in with a speed less than 0.6, the location is averaged over the last 10 locations.  This is not very useful for an accurate GPS, but cleans up some of randomness of the cheap GPS systems.  It will default “OFF” when shut down and re-started.
  • (24) Default Tree Type.   This allows the user to input the type of tree.  It defaults to “Tree”.
  • (25) Date Planted:  Simply shows today’s date. (Future feature.)
  • (26)  Reverse:  By default, the reverse feature of AOG-Tree is turned “OFF”.  Clicking this button will turn it back on.
  • (27)  Custom:  This button enlarges the Heading Text and places black squares around the zoom keys.  A few other things as they are added.  This defaults to “ON”.
  • (28) AB Space Distance:  AOG ABLine offset is based on the tool spacing.  AOG-Tree can be set to a different value.  By turning this on, and setting the distance in (29), it can be set to drive and u-turn to a given tree line regardless of the tool settings.
  • (29) Distance (cm):  This is the offset distance referenced in (28).  This is in cm.  For those of use that use feet and yards, remember that 100 cm is just over a yard.
  • (30) Closes the panel without applying the settings.
  • (31) Applies the settings.

Tree planting GPS

Clicking on the Draw ABLine button    brings up this panel.

Tree planting GPS planning grid

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Why are my farm GPS systems as tree planting GPS?

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