Return policy

Return policy, effective 2020

I am always happy to answer questions, and provide additional information on how my units work prior to placing your order. For example, exact dimensions, video demos of how something works, precise capabilities, available ports on the unit, and more. I can provide photos of equipment you will receive as well, so you have a good understanding of what exactly you’re ordering. I configure each unit specifically for you, which takes considerable effort. These costs, in addition to shipping and packing costs cannot be recovered. We have a small family business, not a large multinational corporation which is trying to sell as many units as possible at any price. As you may notice, our costs are much lower than competing solutions which price in abundant returns into their prices. Therefore, our return policy is likely more conservative than what you are used to with larger companies. I encourage you to contact me to see if your issue can be resolved, and the system can work for you after all.

Therefore, please note that non-defective returns are accepted within 7 days of receiving the unit and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. The GPS antenna vendor, unfortunately, charges a 50% restocking fee for antenna returns. Shipping costs are non refundable, and you are responsible for the return shipping cost. For example, let’s take the Middle 10 Package. The $1300 includes around $75 in shipping, and $525 of that is the GPS antenna. $1300-75-525 = $700 is refunded at 80%. $525 is refunded at 50% due to the GPS antenna vendor’s return policy. The shipping cost is not refunded.

Once again, I would much rather answer your questions before you order so that I can confirm the unit can do what you need, fits the required space. If you’re not sure if the system can do what you need, just ask me. In addition, please take a look at the video demos, or indeed request a new video of something you would like to see! It is your job to tell me what you need, and it is my job to provide you with exactly what you requested. The restocking fee serves both to cover costs of configuring the unit, and as a disincentive to buyers who aren’t sure if this is what they are looking for. It’s an encouragement to do further research and to ask questions and request detailed info from me prior to ordering something. I am always happy to do that.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to providing you the information you need in order to make an informed decision on your purchase! Please note that less than one in hundreds of units is ever returned.

Customs declaration for returns from the US

When shipping a unit from the US, you will need to fill out the customs paperwork properly. If you fill it out incorrectly, this will result in a very high customs fee which will be subtracted from your refund, or the package being rejected. I kid you not, I was once charged a $300 customs fee on a return for a package worth around $1000. Please follow the instruction below to avoid that happening. Canadian customs are not like the US customs where anything under $800 is not taxed. Anything over $30 USD is taxable when being shipped into Canada. Carriers like UPS, FedEx, and others will also add their hefty brokerage fees which are often higher than the taxes itself. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that the customs paperwork is filled out properly for returns. Make sure to contact me to get the shipping information correct prior to shipping the unit out.

  1. Specify that this is warranty return. There is a check box for that on the customs declaration.
  2. Additionally, specify in the declaration of contents: “warranty return to seller, used laptop (or tablet)”.
  3. Put $30 for the customs value. A returned unit has no commercial value, but carriers will often not like if you write $0. Hence, $30 is a reasonable compromise.
  4. Please only ship with UPS or USPS. Other shipping agents like to randomly add expensive brokerage fees.

Always contact me prior to shipping the system back, regardless!

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