Middle Packages

These packages represent the most popular of my offerings. Each is a comprehensive guidance package that includes a number of upgrades that I consider important and recommended. They are auto-steer ready, although i5 model upgrade is recommended for auto-steer! A quick note on sizes. Display sizes are always measured as a diagonal measurement of the actual screen panel, not counting the bezels. A slightly cheaper option with less equipment are the essential packages. The pricing structure is very simple:

  • Convertible tablets: $1300 Middle 10 or $1400 Middle 12.
  • Laptops: $1450 Middle 13 or $1525 Middle 15.
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Middle farming GPS packages consist of the following

  1. The unit itself: 10, 12, 13, or 15 inches, configured for GPS guidance.
    • Touch screen upgrade (except for the 15 inch, which is not offered with touch).
    • SSD upgrade (fast, reliable) which replaces the hard drive with a flash memory disk – a solid state drive.
  2. 110V power adapter.
  3. 12V power adapter.
  4. 1 x uBlox F9P SSR receiver with 1 x roof aerial and 1 x USB cable.
  5. RAM upgrade for higher performance.

Below, I list the additional options available as further upgrades to the middle packages. The ultimate packages have more of the upgrades already, such as RTK, already included.

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Cheap RTK guidance package without subscriptions!

GPS antenna upgrades & options

  • $75 plastic enclosure for the GPS receiver board. *popular*
  • $300 RS-232 (serial port, DB-9, 9-pin) female output for GPS receiver. Allows passing NMEA location to another device you have (not needed to run my units).
    • $50 RS-232 male to male (M/M) or male to female (M/F) cable
    • $150 GPS custom configuration service to make signal work with another device you have. This includes NMEA sentence type, baud rate, update rate (Hz), etc.
  • $850 RTK 10 km (6 mi) kit – upgrade from a single antenna to the sub centimetre accuracy RTK with your own base station and radio link (no subscriptions).
    • $300 50 km (31 mi) RTK range upgrade. Significantly extends the radio link range with a higher powered radio. In addition to above.
    • 2 x $125 One external vehicle mount high gain radio link antenna with 2 m (6.5 ft) low loss cable. Looks like this. This option is for RTK radio link, not GPS signal. Some people like to buy two of these. *recommended*

Multi tractor kit $550

Additional available software options

  • $200 Grading and ditching software (RTK accuracy is needed for this).
  • $50 Windows 10 Professional.
  • $50 Office Professional.
  • $125 Offline topographic & back road maps.
  • $75 Offline road maps.
  • $125 Offline satellite imagery.
  • $150-300 Offline marine charts (yes you can use this same unit on your boat).

Additional available hardware options

  • $175-225 fast Core i5 processor upgrade + increased screen brightness.
  • $25 Bluetooth card – for wireless mouse or external speakers etc.
  • $50 Backlit keyboard (only on 13″, sometimes on 10″).
  • $75 DVD drive (only on 13″ and 15″).
  • $100 Long range high gain WiFi external adapter.
  • $175 Docking station (mounting bracket).
  • $55 110V power adapter.
  • $75 12V power adapter.
  • $25 SD Card reader.
  • $40 Two extra USB 3.0 ports via an ExpressCard expansion card.
  • $75 3G/4G/LTE card with SIM slot.
  • $50 HDD/SSD storage upgrade, for multimedia and other large files.
  • $125 Additional battery.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, feel free to place an order.

Why are my agriculture GPS systems a good choice?

All of the units below can’t beat the value I offer. They can’t beat the fact that there’s no subscription. Their functionality is similar. It’s a clear win, from a value perspective! Topcon X14 | Agricision onTrak | Patchwork BlackBox Air | Sixty-5 Grass-Guide | Ag Leader InCommand Teejet Matrix 430 | Raven Cruizer | Trimble GFX-750 EZ-Guide 250 GFX-350 | CenterLine 220 | John Deere | FieldBee. My systems are compatible with with all tractor brands such as: John Deere, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Fendt, Mahindra, Deutz-Fahr, Kubota, Valtra, Claas, International. I also supply systems for marine navigation, and the same unit can work for both. Please contact me with any questions!