No Local Dealers

Sometimes I get asked: “Is there a dealer in..” No, there isn’t, and let me explain why. This small family business is kept efficient and lean on purpose. It will not become a nation wide corporation with administrators and management teams. The competitive cost is the end goal here. You can already pick up a different system for 3x the price from your local dealer anytime. Yet, here you are looking at this website instead. The cost would be at least 2x higher if you had a location to pick up a unit locally. For the exact same thing! I’d also have a lot more headaches to run all that stuff, while not making any more money or delivering that much more value. For these reasons, there are no plans of having a dealer network.

Here’s a partial map of my sales in the last couple of years:

With no more than a handful coming in any few given locations, it cannot possibly make economical sense to have dealers.