Affordable large screens 10 12 13 15 inches with touch screen support

  • No need to squint at a tiny display that costs thousands anymore.
  • Easily view the field, all the details, and controls.
  • Touch screen integration for simple operation on units up to 13 inches.
  • Support for multiple tractors and implements with unlimited profile – share the guidance system across equipment to save more!

3D perspective or top down birds eye view

  • Your real time position on the field.
  • Coverage areas.
  • Overlaps & gaps.
  • All the marks you previously left (e.g. weeds, rocks).
  • Precise speed in real time.
  • Area counters for what you’ve covered.
  • Light bar is also present.

Precision Guidance 

  • Know what’s coming ahead of time, while also keeping a precise record of your coverage.
  • Overlaps and gaps are shown, along with with left or right instructions and a light bar.
  • Contour or AB-line guidance supported.
  • Automatic turning at headlands supported, including turning sprayers or seeders off when outside the boundary.
  • Ability to mark positions on the field (for example, weeds, or a rock that you encounter).
  • Affordable RTK without subscriptions. Packages with RTK included here.
  • Auto steer supported at no extra cost!

Rate control integration 

  • Smooth integration with seeder or sprayer.

Records & data

  • Separate fields can be stored individually – capacity not limited.
  • Resume previous operation any time, knowing precisely where you left off.
  • Field operation data is automatically stored.
  • Easily save notes with every operation.
  • Your coverage area is calculated automatically.

Shape file support

  • A boundary of your field can be created in a software like Google Earth and then imported into my system.
  • A shape file can also be created from driving the tractor around the outside of the field.
  • Path and shape files can be exported and imported with other software such as Google Earth. For example, after completing your spraying for the day, you can view the data overlaid with satellite imagery.
  • This allows for easy area calculations.

Questions? Contact me. Alternatively, please take a look at some packages.