Essential Packages

These packages represent the minimum of what I’d recommend. Each is a ready to use guidance package that includes a number of upgrades that I consider important and recommended. They are auto-steer ready, although i5 model upgrade is highly recommended for auto-steer!  A quick note on sizes. Display sizes are always measured as a diagonal measurement of the actual screen panel, not counting the bezels. The pricing structure is very simple:

  • Convertible tablets: $1075 Essential 10 or $1175 Essential 12.
  • Laptops: $1225 Essential 13 or $1300 Essential 15.
  • Order nowor please contact me with any questions!

Essential farming GPS packages consist of the following

  1. The unit itself: 10, 12, 13, or 15 inches, configured for GPS guidance.
    • Touch screen upgrade (except for the 15 inch, which is not offered with touch).
  2. 110V power adapter.
  3. 1 x uBlox F9P SSR receiver with 1 x roof aerial and 1 x USB cable.
  4. The shipping cost to you.

Order your Essential package now!

There are a lot of upgrades and options available beyond this. Please also take a look at the most popular middle packages. If you need ultimate precision without subscription via RTK, take a look at the ultimate packages, and never worry about accuracy ever again!

Any questions? Please contact me, or go right ahead and order something!

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