Agriculture Diagnostic Kit for any tractor brand

Farmers love being able to work on and tinker with their own equipment. We offer affordable an agriculture diagnostic kit for almost any tractor & heavy equipment brand! This can run on the same unit as the agriculture GPS setups we offer in order to combine them and save additional costs. Please contact me with what you need to work on for an accurate quote.

Achieve unparalleled precision in diagnosing your agriculture equipment with AGGPS.CA’s dealer-level service capabilities. The AGGPS.CA diagnostic tool, equipped with advanced diagnostic software, quickly and accurately scans your tractor, combine, sprayer, and more to pinpoint fault codes and provide troubleshooting assistance.¬† With AGGPS.CA’s heavy-duty diagnostic scanner, you can quickly diagnose and repair issues to get your equipment back up and running. The software also provides repair times and repair instructions to help you effectively plan, quote, and invoice your work. From calibrating your rear hitch to coding injectors and even running a DPF regeneration, AGGPS.CA offers a comprehensive solution for all your diagnostic needs. Please contact us for a quote!

Agriculture Diagnostic Kit for various tractors

A complete agriculture diagnostic kit consists of three parts:

  1. A computer or tablet running Windows. This could be one of our agriculture GPS units.
  2. Diagnostic link adapter{s} w/ the cables to plug into the machine. The costs differ for every brand, as they are different adapters.
  3. Diagnostic software for your specific machine(s).

Please note that prices differ depending on what you need. The diagnostic link adapters, for example, are quite different. Please contact us for a quote!

Agriculture Diagnostic Kit for any brand tractor available

Please contact us for a quote!

Popular Tractor Brands for Diagnostics

  1. John Deere.
  2. Case IH & New Holland, including: Flexicoil, Kobelco, Miller, Steyr.
  3. Kubota.
  4. AGCO, including: Challenger, FENDT, FELLA, GLEANER, Laverda, Massey Ferguson, RoGator, ISEKI, SISU, SpraCoupe, Sunflower, TerraGator, Valtra, WHITE Planters.
  5. Claas.

Please contact me with what you need to work on for a quote!

Monitoring Agriculture Equipment Health

Keep your machinery systems in optimal health with AGGPS.CA Agriculture Diagnostic Kit. Simply plug in and monitor the health of your machine in real-time, troubleshoot any issues as they arise, and resolve them faster. Stay ahead of potential problems and ensure your equipment is always running at peak performance with AGGPS.CA Diagnostics.

Agriculture Diagnostic Kit Fault Code Detection

Quickly identify active or triggered fault codes in your equipment with AGGPS.CA Diagnostics. Simply plug in with the diagnostic cable and the system will automatically read the connected systems to find any fault codes. Easily diagnose the situation, understand the codes, and take the necessary steps to get your equipment back in service, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Wiring Diagrams and Technical Information

AGGPS.CA Diagnostics provides comprehensive wiring diagrams and technical information to help you better understand your equipment’s setup. View component and system wiring diagrams, as well as technical specifications, to gain a clear visual representation of your machinery and make informed decisions. With AGGPS.CA, you have all the information you need at your fingertips, enabling you to make more informed, effective repairs.

Data Capture and Recording

Capture and record valuable data from your equipment with AGGPS.CA Diagnostics. The system allows you to easily read and record data, integrating it into your work order for future reference. Conduct trials, set triggers at specific values, and view the data you need to make informed decisions. With our agriculture diagnostic kit, you have access to real-time data and insights that can help you optimize your equipment and streamline your operations.

Our Agriculture Diagnostic Kit Competitors

  1. Jaltest.
  2. Texa.
  3. Your dealer -> will probably charge you tens of thousands.

Contact me with any questions or to order a system today!