3A GPS: Affordable Accurate Agriculture GPS

  • Ready to use 10 inch GPS guidance system from $1075 or with RTK $2050!
  • Located in BC, Canada with fast delivery across US & Canada.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION costs of any kind EVER, even with RTK
  • Your choice of 10, 12, 13, and 15 inch display sizes.
  • Cheap auto steer for tractor as a DIY, or partially assembled kit <$1000!
  • Based on heavy duty Toughbook laptops & tablets, including IP67 models. 
  • Read more below, or take a look at the various packages.
  • Please contact me to discuss your agriculture GPS guidance needs.

All of my systems come loaded with fully featured agriculture GPS software for guidance. They are Panasonic Toughbooks which are rugged computers and tablets, suitable for demanding field conditions. These are highly reliable machines that can also be used around the farm for other purposes. They can stand up to the elements for years. There is a light bar on top of the screen. Furthermore, the screen shows a top down view of your implement painting the field, with overlaps. That’s easy! Please consider one of the preconfigured packages. All available options are listed below, if you want to customize things yourself. I also offer cheap RTK kits which include your own base station. This means that you never have to pay for an RTK subscription again!  

AGGPS Farming GPS Guidance Packages

Order your affordable agriculture GPS system now!

Affordable accurate agriculture GPS systems for farming. Cheap farming GPS without subscriptions.

Affordable Agriculture GPS custom options

3A Agriculture GPS available display sizes

  • $400 3A 10 — 10 inch rugged convertible tablet, 11 x 9 inch dimensions.
  • $500 3A 12 — 12 inch rugged convertible tablet, 12 x 9 inch dimensions.
  • $550 3A 13 — 13 inch rugged laptop, 12 x 12 inch dimensions.
  • $700 3A 15 — 15 inch rugged laptop, 14 x 11.5 inch dimensions.

Agriculture GPS & RTK antenna and output options

  • $525 uBlox F9P SSR GNSS receiver + antenna. *Popular*
  • $1250 Centimetre accuracy (sub inch) RTK: two antennas and 10 km (6 mi) radio link. This includes your own base station, so no subscriptions needed!
    • $300 increase the RTK radio link range to 50 km (31 mi).
    • $800 Additional tractor RTK receiver. Adds an additional rover antenna, including the configuration to use the same base station. You can run virtually unlimited tractors from the included base station.
    • $125 One external vehicle mount high gain radio link antenna with 2 m (6.5 ft) low loss cable. Looks like this. This option is for RTK radio link, not GPS signal. Some people like to buy two of these.
  • $75-150 plastic case for GPS receiver board, or two for RTK kit.
  • $300 RS-232 output adapter for GPS receiver – to pass NMEA location to a second device.
    • $50 RS-232 male to male (M/M) or male to female (M/F) cable.
    • $150 GPS custom configuration service to make signal work with another device you have. This includes NMEA sentence type, baud rate, update rate (Hz), etc.

Multiple tractor installation kit $550 

  • $75 12V cigarette plug adapter. *Popular*
  • 2 x $175 Docking station (mount).
  • $125 Additional roof aerial to simplify transferring the system between multiple tractors.

Software options

  • $200 Tree planting functionality
  • $200 Grading and ditching software. Requires RTK for sufficient accuracy.
  • $50 Windows 10 Professional.
  • $50 Office Professional.
  • $125 Offline topographic & back road maps.
  • $75 Offline road maps.
  • $125 Offline satellite imagery.
  • $150-300 Offline marine charts (yes you can use this same unit on your boat).

Hardware options

  • $175-225 fast Core i5 processor upgrade + increased screen brightness.
  • $25 Bluetooth card – for wireless mouse or external speakers etc.
  • $50 Backlit keyboard (only on 13″, sometimes on 10″).
  • $100 Long range high gain WiFi external adapter.
  • $55 110V power adapter.
  • $75 12V power adapter.
  • $25 SD Card reader.
  • $40 Two extra USB 3.0 ports via an ExpressCard expansion card.
  • $50-75 RAM upgrade.
  • $75 3G/4G/LTE card with SIM slot.
  • $50 HDD/SSD storage upgrade, for multimedia and other large files.
  • $125 Additional battery.

Auto steer DIY kit $600, section control DIY kit $50 = very affordable. 

Order your affordable agriculture GPS system now!

Where do I supply these units to? 

Mostly, my clients are located all over North America. However, I do supply them to elsewhere in the world and the shipping costs are very reasonable (e.g. Europe, Australia). In Canada, my top destinations are: Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec. In the US, it’s Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia, Washington, Michigan, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Mexico, Maryland, Utah, Wyoming, Delaware. 

Standard Agriculture GPS Functionality 

3D perspective or top down birds eye view

  • Your real time position on the field.
  • Coverage areas.
  • Overlaps & gaps.
  • All the marks you previously left (e.g. weeds, rocks).
  • Precise speed in real time.
  • Area counters for what you’ve covered.
  • Light bar is also present.

Precision Guidance 

  • Know what’s coming ahead of time, while also keeping a precise record of your coverage.
  • Overlaps and gaps are shown, along with with left or right instructions and a light bar.
  • Contour or AB-line guidance supported.
  • Automatic turning at headlands supported, including turning sprayers or seeders off when outside the boundary.
  • Ability to mark positions on the field (for example, weeds, or a rock that you encounter).

Rate control integration 

  • Smooth integration with seeder or sprayer.

Records & data

  • Store separate fields individually, with no practical limits on capacity. 
  • Resume previous operation any time, knowing precisely where you left off.
  • Field operation data is automatically stored.
  • Easily save notes with every operation.
  • Your coverage area is calculated automatically.

Shape file support

  • Use Google Earth to create a field boundary, and then import into my system.
  • Create a shape file boundary by driving around the outside of the field.
  • Export and import path and shape files can be with other software, such as Google Earth. For example, after completing your spraying for the day, you can view the data overlaid with satellite imagery.
  • This allows for easy area calculations.

Please contact me with any questions, or check out the packages I offer.

Why are my agriculture GPS systems a good choice?

All of the units below can’t beat the value I offer. They can’t beat the fact that there’s no subscription. Their functionality is similar. It’s a clear win, from a value perspective! Topcon X14 | Agricision onTrak | Patchwork BlackBox Air | Sixty-5 Grass-GuideAg Leader InCommand Teejet Matrix 430 | Raven Cruizer | Trimble GFX-750 EZ-Guide 250 GFX-350CenterLine 220 | John Deere | FieldBee. My systems are compatible with with all tractor brands such as: John Deere, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Fendt, Mahindra, Deutz-Fahr, Kubota, Valtra, Claas, International. I also supply systems for marine navigation, and the same unit can work for both. 

Dealers still charge tens of thousands of dollars for farming GPS systems in 2022! This is not technologically justifiable. RTK and other technologies have developed to the point where they should be affordable to anyone, not just big farmers with a budget in the tens of thousands. Get in touch with me to see how little you can spend.